cache_776979004We do it all.

That is the motto of Ray’s Own Brand owners Ray and Nina-Marie Cattaneo.

From slicing jerky and grinding sausage to advancing sales and marketing, our fearless leaders have a hand in everything we pack, ship and serve to thousands of happy customers throughout the West.

Ray got his start in the meat business when he was nine years old, working for his family’s company in San Luis Obispo. He knows his way around a cutting board, crafting tasty delicacies that go way beyond your average “snack” foods. He’s also master of the barbecue and a top-notch caterer. Lucky are the party guests when Ray is manning the grill.

If you had only one word to describe Nina-Marie, it would be “persistent.” Of course, we have many more: “lively,” “nimble,” and “a heck of a lot of fun.” But, it’s mainly her persistence that landed Ray’s Own Brand a distribution contract with one of the nation’s giants, McLane, and some juicy shelf space in dozens of supermarkets and convenience stores.

Started in 2003, Ray’s Own Brand is headquartered in a modern plant Ray designed and built himself – no surprise, right? It sits next to their lovely home surrounded by blooming roses in the heart of Edna Valley wine country.

As the company has grown, Ray and Nina-Marie have added four employees, but continue to work side-by-side day and night. “We’re both Virgos,” Nina-Marie says. “We don’t sit and we don’t sleep.”

A veteran of the Vietnam War, Ray remembers what it was like to be far from home. So, when customers place an order for a soldier overseas, Ray and Nina-Marie send along some extra packages of jerky with a message to share it with others who go without treats from home.

“It’s just something we do,” Nina-Marie says. “Our small way of saying thanks to the troops.”

Consumers can now purchase the wonderful products that Raymond serves at his barbeque service – a business, which has been operating for over 43 years. Currently, seven sausage and six jerky flavors are offered through retailers, restaurants, catered events, and online. For a list of retailers that carry our product, click here, or just stop by the facilities where Raymond or Nina-Marie will personally greet you.


Rays Own Brand 1-866-729-7728