About Our Products

Among products which Ray’s Own Brand offers to its customers are above all premium and quality beef jerky and sausage. Since 2002, Rays Own Brand Provided by Ray has been utilizing over 61 years of experience. They have offered their artisan products for those who care about what they put in their body, made only with the best denuded round cuts of organic beef from Harris Ranch in California.

Ray’s uses all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives like some other store-brand beef jerky. Their homemade beef jerky for sale and jerky products have beef, water, cider vinegar and natural seasonings to create their palette-pleasing flavors.

They also offer an array of great sausage combinations as well, including hot spicy Italian sausage, pork apple honey sausage and linguica, all made with top quality meats.

Ray’s also stocks an array of bratwurst spices, dredges and spices for your barbecuing needs, plus a number of distinct, flavorful fruit preserves. They also stock gift boxes for any occasion, and apparel to show others where you found the great grub for your barbecue.

Hosting an event in California’s Central Coast area? Organizing a wine tasting in Edna Valley? Give Ray’s a call, and they can come and cater your barbecue. Check out their full array of meal options for your next party.

For more information, give Ray’s a call at 805-541-6447 or stop by one of their locations today.

Raymond Really Does Hand Cut Every Batch

Raymond Really Does Hand Cut Every Batch

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