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Sodium Nitrite Facts for Rays Own Brand Products

Ray’s Own Brand facility is a peanut and tree nut free facility.

What makes beef jerky and Italian sausage perfect? What brings that deliciousness to your catering table? We can explain the importance of health as well as taste!

Why is Sodium Nitrite important?

If you have been wondering what the facts are about Sodium Nitrite, Ray’s Own Brand and the original Cattaneo approach have the answers! Ray’s Own Brand is the best place to buy beef jerky or order sausage online not only because we care about the taste, but also because we have been researching and gathering information about Sodium Nitrite and this is what we have found.

Sodium Nitrite is different than Sodium Nitrate, while they are similar to each other.

Sodium Nitrite is more commonly used in meat products. Sodium Nitrite can be defined as a salt and an anti-oxidant that cures meats like ham and bacon. Nitrite is a public health function that is to prevent spoilage and also block growth of botulism-causing bacteria. Botulism is an old and rare disease that includes symptoms like double or blurred vision, dry mouth, muscle weakness, and more.

By definition cured meats all must include sodium nitrite. Nitrite can help prevent an environmental bacterium that can cause illness to populations.

Rays Own Brand uses the very minimum amount of Sodium Nitrite in their meats products, just the amount the USDA recommends. Rays Own Brand only uses the miniscule amount of 156 parts per million of added nitrite.

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