Ray’s Own Brand premium beef sausages are recognizable and loved. They are not only a very popular barbecue food, but as our barbeque jerky a very practical catering services option. When you think about where to buy Italian sausage or beef sausage-look no further. These tasty, artisan treats are made with top fresh quality meat from Harris Ranch in California. We process the meat with genuine care. Our goal is to ensure a high quality taste and experience. We are the recognized experts in making spicy Italian sausage, linguica sausage, best bratwurst sausage, Swiss smoked sausage, salchicha caballero, pork apple honey sausage and of course-hot sausage. Our sausages are just mildly seasoned or hot depending on your preferences to allow the delicious taste of the California beef to come through. A real Cattaneo style!

But-there is more!

Whether you are looking for a full Italian sausage package or want to find the best way to make bratwurst, you won’t be disappointed if you try our mail order sausage. Save time and order sausage online as a gift to you or those you love. Made only with all-natural ingredients and the famous Ray Cattaneo’s spirit and expertise. Let us introduce you to your next favorite things in the world!

For more information or questions about any of Ray’s great products, call 805-541-6447 or stop by one of their convenient Central Coast locations today, near areas of San Luis Obispo and Edna Valley.

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