Hickory Smoked Pepper

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USDA_mHickory smoked original beef jerky is the stuff of godly goodness. Of pure nature. A tease for the taste buds.

Taste Ray’s Own Brand Hickory Smoked Original and go down the sweet hickory memory lane made by Ray Cattaneo’s family tradition. You’ll relive your last summer’s camping trip, only without the boring mosquitoes, fuss and exposure to the elements. Who needs camping anyway, when you have hickory homemade smoked beef jerky this good? At any time, anywhere.

Pure natural and real U.S. best meat for beef jerky packed and delivered for your barbecue menu. Inspire others by taking the lead on barbecue party ideas and match with our hickory smoked pepper jerky or peppered beef jerky marinade or our beef jerky sticks.

You may think it is thick cut, but that’s what hand cut is! And for many this is exactly what the best cut of beef for jerky looks like. One size fits all!

97% Fat Free, it is made of the best meat for beef jerky. Excellent source of protein, it is different and exciting.

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1 review for Hickory Smoked Pepper

  1. jeff_g3217288 (verified owner)

    This is some awesome beef jerky. I make my own jerky and am told all the time by family and friends it is so good I should sell it but mine does not compare to how good this stuff is. Thank you for creating such wonderful jerky, I hereby salute to you as The Jerky Master.

    • Nina Cattaneo

      Thank you for such kind words we really appreciate it! Enjoy your day!

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